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MAD - Making a Difference

We are Making a Difference

We were created to help martial arts schools leave a lasting legacy to their students and communities - a real legacy. We seek to recruit the movers, shakers, dreamers, and rebels within the martial arts world who are making a difference all over the globe, and who seek to elevate martial arts to a higher plane of purpose.

Three years ago we were a small family of dedicated souls that decided to start uniting martial artists from all over the world who were committed to utilizing martial arts for a higher purpose. Now here we are, a strong network of global instructors who know that age-old martial arts traditions can be utilized as a powerful force for human and community development.

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Whether you are a martial artist or not, we want you to be a part of our mission. AllaboutMAD exists to give every child a fighting chance. We do this through the avenue of martial arts. We are recruiting all community members and martial arts school owners alike to join us on our journey to change this world one child at a time.

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